Choosing a Mens Pendant Chain

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mens pendant chain

The simplest and most popular choice of a mens pendant chain is a thin ball chain, but there are other options as well. Ball chains are often used for long pendants, as they are slim and will not distract the viewer from the rest of his outfit. Leather thongs, on the other hand, are larger and less noticeable than ball chains, and they provide a more natural look than bright metal. However, they do not match well with collared shirts or modern business attire – More info

The most popular choice of a men’s pendant chain

When choosing a mens pendant chain, it is important to consider the thickness and length. A thicker chain makes a bigger statement than a thin one, so make sure you select a chain between two and six mm in thickness. For a man’s neck, a length of 25 to 28 inches is best, as it hits the chest in the middle, while a length of 18 to 22 inches will graze the collarbone. A shorter chain will likely fall into the “choker” territory.

Another option for a mens pendant chain is a rolo chain. These are similar to the hip-hop chain from the ’80s, and feature round links with a dark finish. They come in different widths and metals. One popular brand is Kay, which makes one in sterling silver and is narrower than the others. The rolo chain is a versatile option, and many styles are available with a contrasting metal.


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