Red Vintage Rug

red vintage rug

In the kitchen, a red vintage rug can establish a path and reinforce style. Smaller rugs can be placed in front of the sink for added comfort. A runner rug is an ideal choice for bathrooms with a narrow path or double vanity. However, you should consider the size of the rug before purchasing it. The perfect size for this room is approximately 8 by 10 feet, but you may need to customize the rug size to fit a specific room.

These Rugs Are Rarer And May Have Imperfections

The color of a red vintage rug can vary from a soft Hamedan to a fire engine red Kashan. While red can be intimidating, there are ways to balance it and make it blend into the space. Use secondary colors in the red rug to coordinate with the room. Avoid overdoing the color, however, as it may create an aggressive look. In general, red rugs work well with other colors. For an extra-bold red vintage rug, use a complementary color such as blue or green to balance it out.

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